Successful outcome of the Judicial Review. Friday 18th January 2019

On Friday, 18thJanuary Judge Kerr gave his verdict on the Judicial Review heard on November 5th and 6th.

He found in favour of LOGS (Liverpool Open and Green Spaces CIC) and against Liverpool City Council. Following this Mayor Anderson said that the Harthill project is now dead.

Village Green Application

On Monday, 25th July 2016 an application for Village Green status for an area of the Beechley Estate was made to the Liverpool City Council. If this application is successful then this land will remain open to the public and will not be available for building.

This application has now been advertised. We are still waiting to hear if this application is successful.

If you can supply any evidence of use by the public of the area involved please let us know. The use must have been legal, without consent and without force. It should have been, in broad terms, of a recreational nature. The map below shows the approximate area of the proposed village green. The basic details of this map are supplied by Ordnance Survey.

Planning Applications for Building on part of Harthill and Beechley Estates

On Tuesday 14th February 2017 the Planning Committee accepted the planning application made by Redrow Homes to build on parts of the Harthill and Beechley Estates. Below you can see maps of where the build is to be.

The top map shows the whole park, in green, with a rectangle marking where the Redrow Master Plan is positioned.
The lower map is produced by Redrow to show what they are proposing. 

The proposed area includes the Glendale Depot which is within the park area. Also the paddock which is easily seen when walking along the west side of the park and is within the green area of the park. The Beechley Stables, Calder Kids and the Miniature Railway, though not marked in green are also recorded as being in Calderstones Park.

Mayor Joe Anderson has previously stated that he is not going to build on Calderstones Park.