Sadly the Planning Application by Redrow Homes has been accepted by Liverpool City's Planning Committee on Tuesday, 14th February 2017

 Please see our Park News Items page for details of the next stage.

 To Find the Documents attached to Redrow's Harthill Planning Application

This instruction to reach the attached documents for the Redrow building application (16F/2049) for the proposed building on part of Harthill and Calderstones Park and Beechley Estate has been supplied by Liverpool City Council.

Copies of the Ecology Survey and assessment report, the arboricultural impact assessment report and the transport statement can be found on Redrow Planning document page (All commissioned by Redrow). The appendices for the transport statement were too big to be uploaded to this site so you will need to find them and all other documents on the Council's web site, which you can find using the instructions below.

We hope you find it useful.