Volunteer Activities

The next volunteer day is on Sunday 13th October 10am and 3pm in the old Depot/Greenhouse site (entrance from Harthill Road).

This the third in a series of sessions here where we are trying to keep at least some of this site tidy before the Liverpool City Council decides what it is to be used for.

This area has rough vegetation and rubbish. The area has broken glass and other sharp objects and is not suitable for children (our insurance will not cover under 18s so strictly no children please). You will need to bring some ordinary hand gardening tools as we have very little equipment. Wear sensible clothing and tough gloves and shoes.

Please register before coming by emailing fhcp30@talktalk.net or using the "contact us" page on this website. This is useful for insurance and helps to know who is coming. You do not need to be a member of the Friends of the Park.


 About Volunteering.

The Friends of Harthill and Calderstones Park volunteer group has been set up to help maintain the quality of the park by doing simple work which Glendale is unable to find time to do. Our volunteer lead discusses with the Glendale management what could be usefully carried out. The work has to be suitable for using hand tools only and by persons of average fitness.

Volunteers work at a rate they feel comfortable with and there is no compulsion to complete the activity.

The Friends carry insurance for these activities.

Volunteers, at present, are requested to bring their own tools though a few are often available to borrow. It is hoped that in the future a small supply of tools will be purchased.

Work started with clearing the previously mown grass from the wild flower area in October 2015.The next job entailed clearing saplings and other overgrowth that were at risk of damaging the perimeter wall of the park. So far a length on the Menlove Avenue side has been cleared. Some bulbs were planted in October 2016. Seeds and plants have been planted in the wild flower area in late summer 2017.

Volunteering is open to members of the Friends and members of the public. Just turn up at the appointed time (or later) and work or talk until you wish to leave.

For further information and times of activities please contact us at fhcp30@talktalk.net

Come and have some exercise and fun whilst helping to improve our park.